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J.K.R. Public School, Gohana is a cohead school providing best education to its students. Different activities are organised to make students learn the importance of games for healthy living. Studies and games are given equal weightage and every student is motivated to play a game of his/her choice. Various competitions like Quiz, Basketball match are also held in school through which students can learn in fun way. Educational tours and trips also pay important role in teaching students various concepts of life. Teachers make sure that whatever they teach is understood by all students and also encourage students to come up with doubts and get them clarified. Moreover, we believe in giving whatever we have to make students learn new things and use them in their daily routine.

Admission Open For Session 2024-25


We believe that Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. We are of the conviction that giving roots of values is significant for overall development of a child. Students are encourage to explore and learn new things as per his/her potential. Proper guidance is given to students to make them learn a concept fully. Also rote learning is discouraged to motivate research based learning, which will help students in the long run.


It is our belief that school should be the experience of a life time. Our school experience sets the stage for success later in life and provides a lifetime learning experience to students. Value people, be gentle, develop firm opinions, etc. values are taught to students at our school which act as a helping hand for a successfull future.

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